Friday, June 29, 2007

"What Works in Women's Networks"

This article was published in June 18, 2007 issue of Business Week magazine. It tells stories of 3 big companies, GE, Best Buy and Deloitte, that realised the importance of networking for finding and promoting talent as well as promoting their business.

Importance of networking for getting a great job: This issue was described on the basis of Deloitte experience. Though most of the companies try to first find talent withing their organization when it comes to a lucrative job opening, women found it hard in Deloitte to get to positions they aspired to have. That's why internal Deloitte women network, WIN, was created. Why is this relevant to people who are not working for Deloitte and who are not women? Because if it is extremely difficult to get that great job being already in the company, imagine how difficult it is for an outsider to penetrate into the system unless he/she has a way in through a reliable and trustworthy contact he/she has within the company. And such contacts are obtained mostly through networking.

Importance of networking for growing your business: This issue was described o the basis of GE experience which created a network that included not only GE employees but also its customers and suppliers. In such a network the opportunities for cooperation and strengthening ties are endless. This example shows that a company of any size benefits from building networking relationships with potential and existing customers, partner, suppliers, etc. This is especially true for entrepreneurs, small business owners who don't have the GE's leverage and who need their own circle of support.

To sum up, this article once again underlines the importance of networking nowadays both for job search and business development. You can read the full article at:

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More about this blog's structure

I wanted to clarify to my readers the structure of this Blog since I have received a couple of questions about it: if a post doesn't have any "nationality", "ethnicity" or "country" type tag attached to it then it means that this information will be usefull to immigrants from all countries coming to USA as well as Americans relocating to Chicago from other parts of the country.

If there is one of the aforesaid tags attached to a post than only individuals from that particular nationality/ethnicity/country group will benefit from the information in the post.

However if there is a "women" tag attached to the post it means that especially women should pay attention to this post but it does not necessarily mean that men will not benefit from the information provided.

I hope this clarification will help.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Dialogue on Diversity Symposium

I would like to extend the invitation to this Symposium that I received the other day to all my readers - it is expected to be an fantastic event for all "legal aliens" (all international minorities), ethnic minorities and women who are interested in starting/growing their own business.

This will be a FREE full day (8.30 am - 6 pm, breakfast and lunch included) event on July 11, 2007 focused on "tools, technology and the new roadmap: your drive for entrepreneurial success"

Who should attend (as suggested on the invitation): "women entrepreneurs, both aspiring and experienced; micro-enterprise and home-based business owners from Latino, African-American, Asian, mainstream and other cultural and ethnic communities."

The first half of the day will be devoted to 2 big presentations: on Supply Chain and IT/Telecommunications/Wireless Innovations. The second half of the day will be devoted to entrepreneurship topics such as:
-Raising Business Productivity: the Available Resources
- Trade and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies
- Diversity Roundtable
- Corporate Suitors/Minority Suppliers

At the end of the day there will be a reception (4 - 6 pm) which will be a great opportunity for networking.

Where: Chicago, IL, Navy Pier
To Register: call: 703-631-0650 or e-mail with your and company name and address.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sports and Business Luncheon

This truely unique networking event is being organized by Black Ant Sports Marketing. The event will consist of reception, lunch and panel discussion with the guest star Ben Gordon of Chicago Bulls. Other pannelists are: JR Rickert (President and CEO of National Sports Management), Bill Scherr (wrestler, 1985 World Champion and 1988 Olimpic Medalist)

The topics of the interactive discussion will include:
- Share insights on the past NBA season
- Explore impact of the relationship between sports, business and community
- Assess Chicago’s opportunities in the pursuit of the 2016 Olympic
- Introduce examples of engagement in community development

Since the topics of this Sports and Business Lunch are so varied and exciting this event is not only targeted to people specializing in sports marketing and sports management. I predict that there will be a lot of business profesionals and entrepreneurs alike some of whom are Chicago Bulls fans and others interested how potential of holding 2016 Olympics in Chicago can profit the business community.

There will be plenty opportunities to network with high caliber business professionals: before lunch at the reception, during lunch at your table (Union League Club sit about 10 people around the table) and after lunch.

When and where:
Wednesday, June 27 at the Union League Club of Chicago – 65 West Jackson
11:30 am – Reception
12:00 pm – Lunch and Panel Discussion

Please note that the dress code at the Union League Club is Business Casual. Admittance
will not be permitted to those wearing jeans or shirts without collars.

The Tickets
The luncheon is $45 per person inclusive. Click here to reserve your ticket:
Or checkout

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

For Sales professionals

If you are in Sales now or just planning a career in Sales here is a useful information for you : Wright Business Institute organizes an event for sales professionals on June 20. The main goal of the event is to introduce and promote their training program - "Advantage for Sales".

Whether this training program is right for you or not is a very subjective matter, however what is objective is that this sort of event is a great networking opportunity. There will be a lot of sales professionals, entrepreneurs and sales managers (who might have sales jobs openings in their department if you are looking for one). This means that anyone interested in Sales will benefit from this event in terms of learning opportunity and making useful connections.

The event is FREE (at least it looks like it because neither the leaflet I got nor the website have a price tag on it) and some refreshments will b served.

When: June 20, 5.30-8.00 pm
Where: 445 E. Ohio St. suite 340, Chicago, IL
RSVP: Kathy Schroeder, 312-645-8300

For more information:

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Chicago Women in Trades

Chicago Women in Trades is a non-profit organization committed to improving women's economic equity by increasing the number of women working in well-paid, skilled trade jobs traditionally held by men. It is not a networking but rather a support, advisory and educational organization for women who want to have a career in trades.

Careers in the trades include carpentry, plumbing, welding, auto mechanics, and other high-wage, high-skill blue-collar careers. These careers offer women insurance benefits, pensions and career advancement.

CWIT offers:
1. Information Sessions on succeeding in these careers and the entry routes into apprenticeship programs and employment opportunities. These sessions are held 4 times a month and you can see the schedule on the organization's website.
2. Useful resources on CWIT website, for instance PowerPoint presentations of webinars.
3. Information on available apprenticeships posted on the website and job leads sent to its members.

CWIT also organizes various events, such as Pride! Parade participation and 25th Anniversary Gala.

This is quite a unique organization in Chicago the only one I know of in this field.

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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Life in the USA

Life in the USA is the complete web guide to American life for immigrants and Americans. This site has a great collection of articles related to various aspects of living in the United States. Some of the traditional sections include:
- Culture
- Education
- Making a living
- Retirement and aging
- Medical care
- Government and Law
and dozens more!

Some non-traditional sections (rarely found on other sites) will provide you information on such topics as:
- Payday loans
-Rent to own purchases
- Networking
- Fraternities and Sororities, etc.

The website is very informative - a virtual encyclopedia about life in America. All information is FREE and the site is really user-friendly.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Chicago Shakers Social and Adventure Club

Chicago Shakers is a great group for social interaction in Chicago and suburbs. If you are single or new to the city or just lonely this is a perfect network for you. CS is NOT a dating service, it is a social club for single from late 20s to 40s.

The group promotes itself as a primiere club for diverse individuals who want to "expand their horizons, meet new people and do new things". They organize 8 to 10 events per month of various nature: sports activiteis, cultural events, fine dining, cooking classes - everyone will be able to find something interesting on their schedule.

To join you have to submit a form online and then go through an interview: this way CS makes sure that people meet in a non-threatening environment and that there is a fit between applicants' needs and what CS can offer.

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