Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Are you good on the phone?

A lot of job seekers think that I am an employment agency so they call me with job enquiries very often. What I have learnt from dozens of these phone converstions is that people CANNOT TALK ON THE PHONE. They think I am a prospective employer and yet they sound unprepared, unprofessional and lost. The ability to lead a professional phone conversation is an important skill and IT IS NOT THE SAME AS CHATTING WITH YOUR MATES! It is important because in your job search you will have to make many calls to your networking contacts or prospective employers to get information about a position. A lot of companies hold phone interviews before they invite you to a face-to-face one. If you screw up on the phone there is no way to recover so here are some tips I can give you from employer point of view:

1. If you call and no one answers - leave a voice mail! I am never calling back if I see a missed call without a voice mail. For what I know you might be an annoying sales person and I am not going to spend my time and money calling you back if this conversation was not important enough for you to bother leaving me a voice mail.

2. When you leave a voice mail, briefly but clearly indicate the purpose of your call. This may seem obvious but more often than not I receive voice mails that sound as follows: "Hello, I am Pete Smith, please call me back". For what I know Pete Smith can be an annoying sales person and you already know what I do when I think that's the case.

3. When we finally get a chance to talk do not start the conversation by asking what I do. Your goal is not to interview me but to find a job. Introduce yourself, explain what you are looking for and I will give you answers to your questions tailored to your needs.

4. When I explain something to you - LISTEN. Do not just wait for me to finish, it offends people. It is very easy to figure out whether a person paid attention to what you were saying or not by asking a couple of questions regarding what was just discussed.

5. Most of the people loose interest when they think that the person on the other end of the line cannot help them with the very specific problem they have in mind. They try to wrap up the conversation as soon as possible. I might not be able to help you with this specific job enquiry but I might know someone who can or I might be helpful in another job search avenue. The point of networking is not getting help right there, on the spot but to get support from people who will lead you to your goal step by step.

6. Please, do not call from a car, or a restaurant or a noisy street or generally on the go. This shows to me that this converstaion was not important enough for you to put aside 10 min on your schedule to talk form a quiet room without doing anything else on the background. Treat a phone conversation as a face-to-face meeting.

7. PREPARE! Write down what exactly you want to find out. Play out a worst case scenario: I am not able to help you at all, you are upset but you need to find a way to learn where I CAN help you vs. where I CANNOT help you. Do not concentrate on negative, find the positive.

8. Finish a conversation on such a note so that next time when I see your caller ID I will be glad to pick up the phone and talk to you again.

Chicago Job Fair

Attend the Chicago South job fair on Tuesday, September 28 and take this opportunity to meet face to face and stand out from the crowd!

Career experts onsite will provide FREE Resume Reviews!

Over 200 positions will be available at this event!

For a list of attending companies, click the link below and fill out the brief registration form: http://chicago.localhires.com/job_fairs/view/1318/Chicago+South+Job+Fair+September+28%2C+2010utm_source=30day_iContact&utm_medium=iContact_email&utm_campaign=Chicago_South_9_28_2010_iContact-30day

Free to Attend!

Date: Tuesday, September 28
Time: 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Location: Holiday Inn Select & Convention Center - Tinley Park
Address: 18501 S. Harlem Ave, Tinley Park, IL 60477

Can't attend the job fair? No problem- add your resume to the ChicagoHires database on the website above so recruiters can find you.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

U.S. cultural guide

I have recently published my 1st book from the "Unforgettable Christmas" project - "Unforgettable Christmas: Activities, Events and Resources Guide to 25 Days of Christmas". And guess what? - it turned out to be an excellent cultural reference guide to living in the U.S.

If you are an expat living in the U.S., especially if you have a family with children, this book is a must have. There is so much going on in America in December, the variety of events and activities is amazing, which is sure to please anybody and everybody. Participation in these events have several benefits:
1. You will learn a lot about the culture and the country you live in
2. It's a great opportunity to network in a casual atmosphere (CEOs take their children to a Breakfast with Santa too!)
3. FUN!

Here is a link where you can learn more about "Unforgettable Christmas" guide and purchase it if you like it: http://www.unforgettable-christmas.com/Unforgettable-Christmas.html

Chicago job fair

Attend the Chicago job fair on Friday, August 20 and take this opportunity to meet face to face and stand out from the crowd!

Career experts onsite will provide FREE Resume Reviews!

Over 200 positions will be available at this event!

For a list of attending companies, click the link below and fill out the brief registration form: http://chicago.localhires.com/job_fairs/view/1288

Date: Friday, August 20
Time: 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Location: The Allerton Hotel
Address: 701 N. Michigan Avenue , Chicago, IL 60611
This is a FREE event!

Can't attend the job fair? No problem- add your resume to the database so recruiters can find you. Click here to upload your resume to ChicagoHires: http://chicago.localhires.com/job_fairs/view/1288! Right now there are thousands of jobs available in Chicago- and ChicagoHires brings them all to you in one simple search! There is no need to spend time searching on multiple job sites- ChicagoHires has postings from newspapers, corporate sites, local boards and big job boards all in one place.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Website for expats

Today I would like to share with you are useful website for expats relocating to the U.S. It will not only be helpful to people relocating to Chicago, it actually has information about 7 major cities in addition to the Windy City: New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Miami, Hartford, Boston and San Francisco.

Here is Chicago page: http://www.expatarrivals.com/the-usa/chicago/moving-to-chicago (from which you can navigate to other destinations).

The site provides you with a wide variety of information: cost of living, education, safety, healthcare, working, taxes, etc. It also has a forum for expacts to interact and share experiences while helping each other.

If you dread a networking call, read this article

Today I received an interesting newsletter article from TheLadders.com website and I want to share it with you:
"Even if you're a sociable, gregarious, people-loving person, the "networking" phone call can be a dreaded task in the job search. You feel like you're imposing, and it feels awkward to ring up your friends, former colleagues, and college buddies to ask for a favor from such a helpless position.

So here's how to stop worrying and learn to love the networking call.

The tip, which I picked up from John Lucht in his book "Rites of Passage", is this:

"Don't ask for a job, ask for a reference."

Asking someone to be a reference is an easy way to make networking a positive experience.

You see, everybody hates to say "no" to a request from somebody they know. And when you call your contacts and ask if they know of any jobs out there, you're putting them in the position where they have to say "no" to you. Because, as you've found out in your job search, digging up information on where the jobs are is tough (that, by the way, is why I invented TheLadders seven years ago). And it's pretty unlikely that your friend has been spending as much time as you have hunting high and low to find out about new openings.

So asking for job information or job leads makes networking uncomfortable for both of you.

To make it easy for them to say "yes", you need to ask them for something that is easy to say "yes" to.

So when you call your old colleague or contact, ask them if, when the time is right in your job search, it would be possible to use them as a reference.

It doesn't cost them anything to say "yes" to that request, it's an easy way for them to feel like they are being helpful, and it makes the call much more comfortable for both of you.

And now that you've turned the networking call from a negative conversation to a positive one, both you and your contact will feel better about the interaction.

That's important, because positive interactions make your contacts more inclined to help you. They may even feel a little bit honored that you think highly enough of their opinion to ask them to be a reference.

So now, as they go about their business, they'll not be screening your calls to avoid further awkward interactions, but instead they'll be a little bit more inclined to keep their eyes and ears open for opportunities that might make sense for you.

If they overhear something at the club, if their cousin mentions a corporate expansion, if there's some trade rag gossip on positions opening up, they're much more likely to want to reach out to let you know that there might be an opportunity for you.

So my best advice, handed down to me from an expert with forty years of recruiting experience, is this: don't ask for a job, ask for a reference.

And you may never dread a networking call again."

Hope it helps!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another career fair

Attend a National Career Fair and Meet Face to Face with over 30 local hiring managers. Register now and get access to the company list. Click here to Register

Meet face-to-face with hiring managers at the Chicago Career Fair on Thursday, July 15. Applying online to jobs can get frustrating- meeting face-to-face is your chance to stand out from the crowd!

Date: Thursday, July 15

Marriott Chicago - Oak Brook
1401 West 22nd Street
Oak Brook, IL 60523

Time: 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Free to attend!
Over 200 positions will be available at this event!

Career experts onsite will provide FREE Resume Reviews!

For a list of attending companies, click the link below and fill out the brief registration form:


Bring at least 25 resumes to the event!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

ETS Job Fair


June 24, 2010, 12pm to 4pm

Living Hope Community Church, 15712 Church Drive South Holland, IL 60473

The purpose of the ETS Job Fairs is to provide a consistent venue where businesses can showcase there products, services and employment opportunities. The Empower To Succeed Network mission is to provide quality programs and services to assist individuals in becoming self sufficient and improving their quality of life.

There is no charge to job seekers. Those who are seeking employment should dress for success and bring several copies of their resumes.

Other: ETS Network 2010 Job Fairs
Thursday August 19th and Thursday October 21st

If you would like to become a vendor please call 708-362-3125 or request a registration form by email at workministry@yahoo.com

Immigration Demystified

Not necessarily a networking event but a great seminar for newcomers to the U.S.:

IMMIGRATION DEMYSTIFIED. Seminar sponsored by BENNU Legal Services. Presentation, by Andrew Sagartz, Executive Director, BENNU Legal Services, will focus on the basics of immigration.
When: July 17, 2010, 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.
Where: BENNU Legal Services, 28835 North Herky Drive, Suite 104,
Lake Bluff, IL.
Fee: $10; advanced registration appreciated. For information & registration, please
e-mail: info@bennulegal.org, or call 847/478-8200.

Friday, April 23, 2010

LinKed N Chicago - free networkign event

Group: Linked N Chicago (LiNC)
Subject: Spectacular Invitation celebrating the 3 Year Anniversary of Linked N Chicago (LiNC) at 33 Club, from Linked N Chicago founder, Mary McFarlin

Join us in celebrating our 3 Year Anniversary of Linked N Chicago at the 33 Club
Exclusive Networking and Anniversary Party Wednesday, April 28th from

Win VIP Passes to Dinner and a Show at Horseshoe Casino
Enjoy complimentary hors d'oeuvres
Meet Professionals and Entrepreneurs across industries
Support Chicago children through "Enhance Educational Foundation"

Date: Tuesday, April 28th from 6-8:00pm
Time: 6:00-8:00pm
Location: 33 Club (1419 North Wells Street)
Cost: Free event, request donation to "Enhance Educational Foundation"

The event is being held at Jerry Kleiner's premier venue, the 33 Club, which combines contemporary American fare with a European-inspired setting that echoes the elegance of private hotels and clubs of the 1930's. Located in the heart of Old Town, you will be treated to extraordinary networking and delectable hors d'oeuvres.

Linked N Chicago (LiNC) is the largest professional networking group within the Chicago metro area exceeding 26K members. Linked N Chicago's mission is to enhance the relationships of our network membership by focusing on personal, professional, business, civic and charitable ideals by promoting a vibrant "sense of community".

Enhance Educational Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that raises funds and resources for Chicago Public School Students. Through book drives, internships, special events and fundraisers, Enhance provides support for students in need. Founded by Chicago physician, Steven H. Dayan, M.D.,

Enhance encourages children to set goals and challenges them to dream. By working closely with the Chicago Public Schools and local businesses, Enhance is able connect with students of all ages and make a lasting impression on Chicago's youth. To date, Enhance has been able to raise over $130, 000 in scholarship funds in the four years that the foundation has existed. (www.enhancefoundation.org)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A little shamesless self-promotion

This may have nothing to do with networking at the moment but I wanted to let my blog readers know about my knew books project since I will be planning a couple of events related to their launch in the future where you will be welcome to come and network.

I am planning to publish 3 Christmas-themed books:

1. "Unforgettable Christmas" - a unique reference guide to great activities and events for 25 days of Christmas - your Christmas Yellow Pages and a planner in one book.

2. "The Night Before Christmas" translated in Russian - this classic Clark Clement Moore book is a great gift for all your Russian speaking friends - Скоро выйдет в печати:"В Ночь Перед Рождеством" Кларка Клемента Мура на РУССКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ!

3.Collection of Russian Folktales about Winter in English - 20 wonderful tales featuring exciting adventures, magical creatures, unusual landscapes - taking you on an unforgettable journey from winter's beginning to the end.

Here is the official website of this new project:

I will post up-dates for the events there.

Cutting Edge Events

Cutting Edge Events website http://cutting-edgeevents.com/ is useful to know if you are interested in business and social networking in Chicago. They organize what I would define as "jazzy" or entertaining and fun events and attract younger crowds.

Their events are usually for a fee (price range between 15 to 50 USD on average) but you are bound to get something extra than just networking from more expensive events. For example, a whole evening of pampering for women will be provided at May 6 "Day as a Goddess" event (see details on their website).

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Great networking event for all women

"International Opportunities - Women Hold Up Half the Sky"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
8:00 am – 9:30 am
Mid-America Club
200 E Randolph St, 80th Floor
An expert panel discussion moderated by
Noeleen McGrath, McGrath Communications


Catherine Lee: President, CDL & Associates

Pek Lee Choo: Managing Director, Discernen
Cynthia Biggs: Foreign Commercial Service Officer, U.S. Dept of Commerce

"What if everyday could be called International Women's Day? Women have celebrated moderate successes in the 21st century. Still, there are miles to go before we sleep. These experts will discuss obstacles in such areas as education, safety & finances. They will provide insights into methods to overcome roadblocks to economic empowerment locally & globally."

$25.00 until 4/12/100 $35.00 beginning 4/13/10
$20.00 Women of the World Members

Advanced Registration required: www.womenwotw.org/events.php

Read about women you know & topics of interest at our blog

Women of the World is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization based on purpose and passion to bring awareness that safe healthy educated women are the cornerstone to abundant economic development.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Small business forum

Here is a good even for entrepreneurs (small business owners) - an excellent opportunity to network FREE OF CHARGE:

WHEN: April 5, 2010, 10 AM - 1 PM
WHAT: ILLINOIS SMALL BUSINESS EXPORT PROMOTION FORUM. Event hosted by Illinois Senator Richard J. Durbin.

This Forum will highlight the benefits of exporting for small and medium-sized
businesses in Illinois to support job retention and growth.

Topics include: Identifying Target Markets and Business Partners; Trade Finance; Export Credit Insurance; Export Working Capital Loans; Exporter Success Stories.

Speakers include: Karen Mills, Administrator, U.S. Small Business Administration; Ron Kirk, U.S. Trade Representative; Fred Hochberg, Chairman, Export-Import Bank of the U.S.; Gary Locke, Secretary of Commerce.

WHERE: University of Chicago Gleacher Center, 450 North City Front Plaza Drive, Chicago.

No charge; advance registration required. For information, please call 312/353-4952; for registration, please e-mail: registration@durbin.senate.gov.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Women Career Fair

Do you think most job fairs are worthless? That you stand in line for hours for your chance to shine—only to have a recruiter direct you to a website? That you leave feeling worse than you did before?

Women For Hire career expos—the only events geared specifically to professional women—are different.

It is a day-long experience for women, a safe haven for you to meet with great recruiters, get four hours of FREE advice, inspiration and services and leave feeling like your chances of success are far better than when you arrived.

You may glean a helpful career tidbit or two. You could end up getting a thorough primer on what it takes these days to launch your career, find another job or reinvent yourself in these tough times. But no matter what reception you get from any recruiter, you'll leave our expo feeling more empowered, optimistic and enthusiastic about your career.

Start your day early on Thursday, April 8 by attending Tory Johnson's popular Early Morning Seminar. In this inspirational 90-minute session, the CEO of Women For Hire discusses her own fired-to-hired story and talks about the latest job trends and tactics that inspire millions of viewers each week on ABC's Good Morning America. More details below.

Once our expo doors open at 10 a.m., there is a variety of FREE services designed to empower you in your job search.

Resume Critiquing: Every resume can use a second set of eyes. Seasoned professionals are here to provide customized feedback to make your resume stand apart from the rest.

Mentor Match: New this season, benefit from mini mentoring sessions with professionals who will listen to your career goals and give you their best, on-the-spot advice.

Power Seminars: Experts offer 20-minute sessions throughout the day covering a wide range of topics and themes quickly but directly, chock-full of information on topics ranging from how to use social media to find a job to what to say in an interview after that first "hello." Look for more details in our upcoming newsletters.

Whether you're currently looking for a job, considering a career change or simply interested in meeting with other smart and savvy professional women, Women For Hire is here for you.

Women For Hire Chicago Career Expo

Thursday, April 8
Navy Pier

600 East Grand Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611

Free Admission
Free Resume Critiquing
Free Powerful Career Seminars
Free All-new Mentor Match Program

*Registration at the door
*Resumes required for admittance
*Business attire required

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Greater Chicago Networking Extravaganza

The annual Greater Chicago Networking Extravaganza is the premier business networking event in Chicagoland, bringing together the business community for an incredible evening of mixing, mingling, education and fun. It will feature an abundance of business-development opportunities and informative presentations from two of Chicago's preeminent relationship-building experts, Lillian Bjorseth and Jason Jacobsohn.

Date: April 6, 2010
Time: 5:30-8:30pm
Location: The Metropolitan Club, Chicago
Hosts: Lillian Bjorseth of Duoforce Enterprises and Jason Jacobsohn of AEGIS Professional Services
Sponsors Include: CK Interactive Design, The Metropolitan Club, Keller Graduate School of Management, and Wheatle Peart

For more information and to register, go to http://www.greaterchicagonetworking.com.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Learn to work with recruiters

Would you like to work more effectively with recruiters this year? Learn how at the BNC Human Resources Group Meeting
Thursday, March 18, 2010 - 8 am - 9:30 am

Location: Wells Fargo Advisors, 222 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 300, Chicago,IL 60606 at Union Station

What to expect:

8:00– 8:15 Welcome & Networking

8:15– 9 :00 "How to Work Effectively with Recruiters to Achieve Your 2010 Objectives" Presentationand Discussion by recruiters Shabeena Khan, Thomson Reuters Legal Recruiting,and Michelle Carl Rizal, Accenture SAP Recruiting.

Join us for an insider's view of recruiting and learn

  • How to effectively incorporate recruiters in your job search strategy if you are looking for a new position
  • How to choose recruiters and determine the costs associated with search and staffing if you are a hiring manager or HRprofessional
Plus, hear specific recruiter tips for

  • Interview questionsthat evaluate candidate's most critical skills and capabilities, and interviewdo' s and don'ts
  • Current resume "must haves" and insights for format and content to stand out from the crowd
  • Interview do's and don'ts.

Our speakers offer a broad range of experiences from theircorporate and recruiting firm backgrounds.

  • Shabeena Khan is a recruiting professional with 14 years ofstaffing and corporate recruiting experience. She delivers strategic and tactical recruiting solutions to high performing corporate clients. Shabeena is currently recruiting for Thomson Reuters in their Legal division, Intellectual Property Solutions. Past notable clients are HubbardOne, a division of Thomson Reuters, Booz Allen, LexisNexis InterAction, Citadel Investment Group, Accenture, and Draft Worldwide. Shabeena started her careerin staffing as a Staffing Manager with Robert Half International. Shehas a BS degree in Marketing from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her professional interests are Global HR, Talent Management, and career coaching.
  • Michelle Carl Rizal has 12 years of recruiting and human resourcesexperience in global and client-driven environments. Michelle has almost 6 years of recruiting experience at Accenture and is currently focused ontechnology positions within the SAP practice. Prior to Accenture, she worked as an HR Generalist for Cardinal Health (formerly Syncor) in areasencompassing employee relations, compensation, and training. Michelleearned her BS degree from the Marshall School of Business at University of Southern California. She is passionate about career services anddiversity. Michelle currently volunteers and shares her knowledge onresume development, interviewing, and job search for a non for profit organization.

Bringyour questions and experiences to add to the discussion.

9:00 – 9:30 Networking and SpecialRequests

Following thepresentation you'll have time to network and make specific requests to otherparticipants for information, introductions, and problem-solving suggestions. Practice sharing your knowledge, connections, and compassion to the extent you feel comfortable, to help others achieve their dreams, as Tim Sandersrecommends in "Love is the Killer App."


Pre Registration is Required Seating is limited – Please register by Weds, March 17 10 am at http://bnchr03182010.eventbrite. com

On the morning of the meeting, enter 222 S Riverside from Adams Street –please have your ID ready for the security desk and give the desk attendant thename of our Wells Fargo Sponsor, Bill Reap, or mention "Wells FargoAdvisors. "

Please check the BNC website events calendar regularly for information on our group's activities. If you have continuing interest in theHR group, please come to a meeting and then join the new BNC-HR Linked Ingroup.

If you have any questions please contact Marcy Jenkins at
mjenkins@bnchicago. org.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ladies, don't miss this event!

CW-Network's "Spa Pampering & Networking Night Put"

Join CW-Network (Chicago Women Network) & Mario Tricoci Oak Brook on Wednesday, February 24th for an incredible night of mega-networking, pampering, making invaluable business contacts and meeting new friends!

Network while getting your hair cut and styled, your makeup done and your winter-weary spirits lifted! It’s an incredible way to get a jump start on Spring, get a new look, meet prospective clients and employers and expand your networking circle!

This event is limited to the first 75 people who register. (Spa Night networking events have always sold-out within a couple of weeks or earlier so reserve your spot today!) Just $40 in advance for members for and $45 for non-members for mega networking, food, wine and the royal treatment fit for a queen or industry icon at Mario Tricoci Salon! Of course, men need a little pampering too so they are most welcome to attend!

To Register and Prepay go to http://www.cw-network.org/events.asp

In order for your registration to be finalized pre-payment must be made at the time of registration. Registration will close once capacity is reached.

We'll meet in the spa cafe for networking. Services start at 6 pm so be sure to arrive at 5:30 pm to sign up for the following First-Come/First-Serve complimentary services:

  • Haircut with Blow Dry or
  • Hair Color (single process/significant change only)
  • Makeup application
  • Mini-facial with skin consultation
  • Mini manicure
  • Mini massage
  • Goody Bags for Everyone!
  • Raffle

Decadent Food and Refreshments all included in price of registration.

Event Sponsors: Mario Tricoci Oak Brook, Chicago Women Network and CareerWalk CG (Wine)

Register now for only $40 for members and $45 for non-members and remember...registration is limited to the first 75, so sign up now! Gratuities NOT Included; please remember to tip your service provider as they are offering their services for free.

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Mario Tricoci Salon & Day Spa
284 Oak Brook Center
Oak Brook, Illinois

The salon is located in the Oak Brook shopping mall next to Bloomingdale's.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chicago Career Fair

Chicago Career Fair

Thursday, February 25, 2010
11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza
350 West Mart Center Drive
Chicago, IL 60654

This is a FREE event.



Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Career event at Federal Reserve Bank

Here is a FREE event you must not miss if you are looking for a job in the following fields:
  • Analysts
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Technology - Project Managers
  • Internships (University)
Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement and Federal Reserve Bank are organizing a recruitment event at the Bank's facility in Chicago:

WHEN: March 18, 2010

Dale Carnegie Training Session
5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Federal Reserve Bank Latino Recruitment Series
6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Federal Reserve Bank, 230 South LaSalle, Chicago, IL 60604

For security reasons, we strongly recommend registering and arriving 15 minutes early to ensure a smooth entrance. All candidates planning to attend MUST
bring a state photo ID. No exceptions.

To register go to: http://hace-usa.org/events.htm

Please, don't be discouraged that this event is organized by a Hispanic Alliance. If they only wanted Latinos at this event the post on their website would have been in Spanish! I have been to several HACE events and they have a diverse mixture of attendees there. And it is FREE- what do you stand to loose???

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Great event for all women

Dear Ladies,

Please, don't miss the following event: this is not just the opportunity to network but showcase your business too!

Chicago Celebrates International Women's Day

The International Visitors Center of Chicago, the International Trade Club of Chicago and the Union League Club of Chicago cordially invite you to attend the Ninth Annual Chicago Celebrates International Women's Day International Fair and Luncheon.

Monday, March 8, 2010
10:30am- International Fair
Noon- Luncheon
featuring Master of Ceremonies: Ms. Dina Bair, Medical Anchor/Reporter, WGN TV

The Union League Club of Chicago
65 W. Jackson Boulevard
Chicago, IL

"The International Epidemic of Antibiotic Resistance: Women are the Key to Protection and Prevention"

Featuring keynote speaker: Ms. Maryn McKenna

Maryn McKenna is an independent journalist and author who specializes in public health, medicine and health policy. She writes features for national magazines and news stories for an infectious-disease website. In addition to her new book, Superbug: The Fatal Menace of MRSA, about the rise of drug-resistant staph around the world, she is working on projects on polio eradication and on emergency room overcrowding.

From 1995-2006, she was a national desk writer at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, where she was the only U.S. journalist assigned to full-time coverage of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and embedded with a CDC investigative team during the 2001 anthrax-letter attacks. She has reported from the Indian Ocean tsunami and from Hurricane Katrina, as well as from Southeast Asia, India, Africa and the Arctic. She has covered pandemic influenza since 1997, when she wrote the first story in the American media on the potential threat posed by avian flu H5N1.

Thank you to our Event Partners-
American Association of University Women-Illinois, Consulate General of Canada in Chicago, Fulbright Association-Chicago Chapter, Heartland International, The Musicians Club of Women, National Association of Women Business Owners-Chicago Area, Organization of Women in International Trade-Chicago, Professional Women's Club of Chicago, The Union League Club of Chicago Authors Group, The US National Committee for UNIFEM (United Nations Development Fund for Women) Chicago Chapter

$60- Luncheon Cost
$75- Display table at the International Fair (non-profit organizations); includes one lunch ticket
$100- Display table at the International Fair (for-profit organizations); includes one lunch ticket
$650- Display table at the fair and 10-top luncheon table

Sponsorship opportunities available.

For more information and to register by Monday, March 1st, please visit www.chicagowomensday.org, or contact Lexy Sobel, International Visitors Center of Chicago, 312-254-1800 x102 or Lsobel@ivcc.org.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Great international event next week

Dear Readers,

I am sorry I've been silent for some time because I've been traveling a lot and working hard too but my New Year's resolution is to keep this blog up-date as often as possible.

So here is information about an excellent event for all internationals (I realize it might be a little bit expensive but it is sponsored but various international organizations which promises a really good turnout):

The 2010 Annual Economic Forum Luncheon (presented by Swiss-American Business Council)
Together with The German American Chambers of Commerce, the Representative of German Industry and Trade, Washington D.C. and other organisations, we invite you to attend the 2010 Annual Economic Forum Luncheon Thursday, January 28, 2010 in Rosemont, IL

The Annual Economic Forum is an interactive Roundtable Discussion debating the critical economic outlook for the year 2010. The panel of industry experts and transatlantic trade representatives will focus on macro and micro-economic topics relevant to the German American business community in the US.

Confirmed Speakers:

Michael Backfisch - Handelsblatt - Bureau Chief Dubai (Moderator)
Prof. Dr. Hans Heinrich Driftmann - Peter Koelln KGaA - Pres. &
CEO (Keynote Speaker)
Dr. Joachim Scheide - Kiel Institute for World Economy - Head
Forecasting Center and Research Economist
Matthias Schoenberg - Continental Tire North America - CEO
Klaus-Peter Statz - Deutsche Telekom, Inc. - President & CEO
Diane Swonk - Mesirow Financial - Sr Managing Dir. & Chief

Date: Thursday, January 28, 2010
Time: 11:15 am - 2:30 pm
Location: Rosemont Hotel (former Sofitel)- Rosemont, IL
Cost: $85 for SABC members; $100 non-members
Registration and more information at: www.gaccom.org; (312) 644 2662

For SABC members, please contact the German American Chamber of Commerce in Chicago to RSVP and mention your SABC membership for the discounted rate.

This event is sponsored by:
Baker & Mckenzie, Fifth Third Bank, Fragomen, Kostal, Lufthansa, Mesirow Financial, XL Insurance, Audi USA, HDI Gerling and is supported by: The Austrian Trade Commission, Swedish American Chamber of Commerce, Midwest Danish American Chamber of Commerce, Goethe Institute.

The Swiss business community is the sixth largest foreign investor in the United States and employs over half million Americans, many of them in the Midwest region, and in the Chicago area in particular. Become a member today and start enjoying a wide range of benefits, including participation in one of the best international networking forums in Chicago. For membership information, send an e-mail to: events@sabcnow.com
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